Real-Time Analytics OLTP & OLAP Ultra-Scalable Full ACID Full SQL Database

Real-Time Analytics OLTP & OLAP

Analytical queries over your operational data

Ultra-Scalable Full ACID Full SQL Database

Scale out from 1 to 100s of nodes

We are LeanXcale

We are an innovative startup on big data management. The main innovation of the company is the result of over 15 years of research in scaling transactional data management. Our promise is that we will deliver disruptive innovations every 6 months during the next 2 years to become one of the leaders in the big data market.

Product Overview

LeanXcale is a real-time big data platform that can scale in any of the three Vs of Big Data (Volume, Velocity and Variety). It can scale in Volume (to 100s of terabytes), in data velocity (to million transactions per second, and millions of events per second) and even in data variety (structured, non-structured, key-value, streaming). Let us examine each of the facets separately.


Latest News

  • Marh 19-21, CeBIT, Hanover, Germany

    This year LeanXcale is participating in the Europe’s largest digital trade fair, CEBIT, at the European Commission Pavilion. The theme of the European Commission’s Pavilion at CEBIT is the ‘Digital Single Market’. On March 19th LeanXcale takes part in the exclusive event opening with 300 selected VIPs. CEBIT 2017 will be formally opened by Chancellor Angela Merkel & Prime Minister Abe of Japan since Japan is selected to be a “thematic” country for this year’s edition of the event. Meet LeanXcale in Hall 8.

  • February 27-1, 4YFN at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

    LeanXcale has been selected by the European Startup Network to exhibit at 4YFN Startup Village at Mobile World Congress. The European Startup Network is a non-profit organisation launched in 2016 as a grassroots effort towards developing the startup ecosystem of Europe. It gathers the brightest tech-based startups across Europe to showcase their innovativeness and extensive growth potential.

  • February 22-23, Travel Technolgy Europe, London, UK

    LeanXcale will participate fist time at the Travel Technology Europe show in London this year. Visit our booth #T77 to find out more about our Ultra-Scalable Full SQL Full ACID Database and its ability to leverage Big Data trends for companies in travel tech sector.

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