LeanXcale provides a single database supporting all operational functionalities: Availability checking and Sales. Its ACID support guarantees full consistency, its elasticity enables the adjustment of resources to match seasonal peak loads, its high availability guarantees that the service is always available.

Click analytics are supported by ultra-efficient key-value data store that supports high ingestion rates of clicks and performing real-time analytics of these clicks for real-time marketing, eAds, ...

Leanxcale Capabilities

  • LeanXcale provides Scalability to allow, in a single database system, availability checking and sales

  • Key-value interface for low cost high performance click ingestion.

  • HTAP for doing real-time click analytics

  • Elasticity to adjust database compute resources based on the seasonality load requirements

  • Elasticity helps reduce costs in the cloud. Lean provisioning means resource usage is tailored to workloads.