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Telcos have to manage customer experience (CEM) that requires the gathering of information in real-time from a myriad of operational systems, aggregate them and perform analytics to discover malfunctions, drops in service quality, etc.

LeanXcale provides the scalability required by CEM systems avoiding the cost and overhead of doing sharding. Additionally, its unique capability to perform online aggregations enables the usage of a single database cluster to ingest the raw KPIs and to compute in real-time the aggregations required to perform analytics.

Elasticity enables the adjustment of the size of the cluster to the variations in the load and, therefore, the size of the operations team required to maintain the system.

LeanXcale HTAP capabilities allow to process Call Description Records (CDRs) in real-time for any purpose.

Leanxcale Capabilities

  • Scalability provides the ability to process millions of KPIs and CDRs per second

  • LeanXcales Elasticity allows the dynamic adjustment of resources to match the incoming load to reduce operational expenses (power, cooling, 24x7 support, etc.).

  • Online aggregations reduce the cost of processing KPIs.

  • High Availability provides always-on processing with vastly minimised downtime

  • With LeanXcales HTAP capabilities, perform analytics on CDRs without having to resort to complex and expensive architectures with data warehouses and ETLs.