Discover LeanXcale’s capabilities


HTAP-Real time analytics

Creates services processing analytical queries as soon as the data gets your platform. Users get insights or can decide immediately after. Real-time analytics allows companies to react without delay.


Operational data lake

Have an equivalent price data lake granting transaction and with much faster response time. It means that you will get faster insights from a coherent picture. Avoid your data scientist waste their time creating models, training it and having results over corrupted views.


Massive scalability

Iguazu tech allows LeanXcale to scale horizontally over inexpensive hardware to hundreds of nodes. No matter how your application grows, your database architecture is already ready. Be ready to process up to millions of transactions per second, store up to petabytes or query up to billions of rows instantly.



Database for aggregations

LeanXcale's SCC (Semantic Concurrency Control) allows aggregation in updating queries in parallel avoiding any kind of conflict. You can compute aggregations at the same time you are receiving the operational data. Reduce development time, simplify maintenance and speed up your application with zero cost.



LeanXcale can handle operational data over an endless number of nodes and with an impressive performance per core. All these make an excellent choice to manage your transactional workload.


Time-series database

LeanXcale always handles in memory row whose primary key is a timestamp or an autoincrement, speeding up its response time. Additionally, LeanXcale can manage aggregations operations in parallel in the update queries with no conflicts. LeanXcale grants transactionality in parallel queries at any scale. All these make ultimately LeanXcale the best option as data series database



Polyglot layer

Creates j ACID transactions and joins among the information spread in your databases portfolio. LeanXcale can query MongoDB, HBase, Neo4J and your RDBMS in their native API in a single transaction or combining the information to create a single resultset. Develop fast and safer.

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Distributed and resilient database

LeanXcale data storage enables to move data fragments without disrupting the QoS of the transactions accessing them. This capacity allows transparent data replications, load balancing, elasticity, and resilience without any impact on the perfomance and consistency.

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Fast KV insertion and SQL search database



NoSql Key Value database

Leverage the ultra-efficiency of the relational key-value interface to ingest semistructured data. This API allows large data rates inexpensively or perform simple queries, always entirely ACID. This functionality is perfect for events, logs or clicks tracking.


All in database