LeanXcale is a highly innovative next generation database management system utilising patented technology to enable scaling across all dimensions an enterprise may need:

  • Velocity –> to millions of transactions per second

  • Volume –> to terabytes

  • Variety –> it natively provides full SQL and a key-value API.

LeanXcale is a Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing Database (HTAP) NewSQL database enables to blend of OLTP and OLAP workloads without compromising performance. LeanXcale enables to perform real-time analytical queries on operational data without the delay and cost of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) from siloed operational and analytics datastores. Consequently, businesses can make faster, better-informed decisions while reducing total ownership costs.

LeanXcale is the result of many years of deep research and development into improving and optimising distributed databases.

Through its innovative cutting-edge research LeanXcale has been able to create a database accessible through both SQL and key-value interfaces giving the choice of rich flexible data access through an industry standard interface or ultra-fast data updates and lookups delivering enterprise class performance and scalability while lowering ownership costs.


LeanXcale provides an ultra-scalable full SQL operational database supporting full ACID transactions.

LeanXcale provides an ultra-scalable full SQL operational database supporting full ACID transactions.


Ultra-Scalable SQL Database


LeanXcale has a scale-out distributed architecture that enables to scale out all its layers: storage, transactions, and query processing. All layers can scale to 100s of nodes and enable to reach many millions of update transactions per second.




Scale to any size, any load, without sharding


Adjust the number of nodes dynamically as needed for the current load thanks to LeanXcale elasticity.


HTAP Database


LeanXcale HTAP capabilities enable to process both operational and analytical workloads in a single database system



  • Simple architecture: Avoid the complexity of data pipelines between operational databases and data warehouses via ETLs and similar tools.

  • Real-time insights: Discover insights and make the actionable as they happen (a sale, a click, ...) improving your business agility.

No duplication of data: Prevent having multiple copies of the data at different databases.


Kivi: Ultra-Efficient Storage Engine


KiVi is an innovative distributed storage engine with a radically new design created to run efficiently on current multi-core and many-core NUMA architectures, while exploiting vectorial and SIMD capabilities of HW. The result is an ultra-efficient storage engine maximizing the throughput per core and thus, minimizing the HW footprint.

KiVi has been designed to be efficient for both range queries and random updates thanks to novel data structures. It has a row-columnar storage model that brings columnar acceleration to analytical queries.

KiVi is able to move any fragment of a table across servers without affecting the QoS of the incoming load. This ability brings true elasticity and enables the number of nodes in a cluster to be determined at any time to minimize the number of servers.



LeanXcale is a Full ACID Full SQL database scaling out to 100’s of nodes transparently to applications.  It provides a reliable, high performance, resource efficient and low latency database that excels at any workload, such as operational, hybrid operational-analytical and update-intensive.

  • Any scale

  • Any workload

  • Always consistent


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