LeanXcale closes a 2 Million EUR financing round with Bullnet Capital

I am glad to announce that @LeanXcale has reached a new milestone and has closed a round of financing of two million euros. The VC fund is @Bullnet Capital, a deeptech investor with a long experience of 12 years. They have helped a good number of startups to grow and exit, the most recent exit being @Zhilabs a few weeks ago sold to Samsung. LeanXcale after piloting the technology with over 20 companies is now doing a number of paid pilots with large companies and will announce very soon its first large customer. In the photo, Bullnet Capital partners, Miguel Del Canizo and Javier Ulecia, RCD and Dalawyers legal teams, Eladio Crego Gil, our CFO and member of the board of directors, and the founders, Marta Patiño-Martinez and myself, after signing the investment.