LeanXcale’s program for startups

We want to help new ideas to become true. Our contribution to this goal is to offer our database for free for startups. To help them to grow fast and be ready for a prosperous future.

LeanXcale provides a set of features that are equivalent to a full database stack, but it can handle any scale:


Ready for your success

It manages any volume, so no matter your customer base grows, LeanXcale will be able to process the traffic. You will not need to modify your architecture when you meet success.


It is ready for any workload (operational, analytical, SQL or event oriented) allowing you to pivot to fit your market place or to develop new business features fast without architecture change restrictions.


Since with LeanXcale your architecture can be straightforward and is SQL based, you will not need to maintain half-dozen of systems, and you will not need to learn particular APIs.



Pricing for startups


More than 1M€ annual revenue or

over 3 M investment

Normal price


Under 500K€ annual revenue &

under 1M investment

100% discount

Early stage

Under 1M€ annual revenue &

under 3M investment

50% discount