How do customers take advantage of LeanXcale?

LeanXcale helps Ikea to have a single inventory for a whole country. ERPs are local to each store and the digital channel. LeanXcale database hosts all the stock changes from all stores and the digital channel to provide a single unified view as the IT system is omnichannel. When an item is not available at a particular store, it can be sold from other stores. Thus, it improves the IKEA customer experience and IKEA revenue. Customers can buy an item even if it is not at the store they are visiting. It is a win-win solution for IKEA and its customers. By providing a way of centralizing the stock, Ikea can perform real-time analytics and becomes an enabler of global analytics across all the country sales, leveraging the optimization of logistics by creating forecasts about the sales, the time items will take to be shipped to a particular location, etc.

Tracking monthly more than 10 million profiles, Vikdata is the leading provider of small e-commerce second party data in Spain. Its data has been used in campaigns of banks like BBVA and Santander; BMW, WV, Volvo, Opel, Renault, and Skoda from the automotive sector; retailers like Carrefour or Lidl; insurance companies such as Mapfre and Santa Lucía Seguros, and many others like Bayer, Jamison or Mahou. LeanXcale is its preferred database helping in two critical aspects:

  • LeanXcale provides real-time analytics for the Vikdata platform main KPIs.

  • Vikdata's data scientific uses LeanXcale as an operational data lake, adding value to the data, by analyzing and making conclusions directly from the real-time data stream.

This is how experts see us in the database market

We do not have the space to discuss the technology provided by LeanXcale in the depth it deserves. The product is the result of 15 years of research and it shows: the company has significantly re-thought how a database to process transactions, with or without simultaneous query processing, should be designed.
— Philip Howard - Research Director at Bloor

Running transactions and fast analytics in the same database at any scale

Leanxcale is designed for fast-growing businesses or enterprise companies who make intensive use of data, especially if they need real-time analytics. Forget costly ETL, do not wait for data-lake results, no need for lambda architecture, have a response for any query now.

LeanXcale's technology is a result of 20 years of research by some of the most brilliant minds in the database field. LeanXcale is a UPM spin-off.

Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (OLAP+OLTP)

Query the Now, not the OBSOLETE

Whatever workload mix you need to process LeanXcale will process it. Ingest data as fast as you need. Make your analytical queries over the operational data. No ETL or map-reduce need. All your needs are covered by a single database manager.
We have engineered a distributed data warehouse over our ultra-scalable conflict-free ACID database to deliver real-time analytics.

Linear Scalability

Run on a PC or in 100s of serverS, GET ALWAYS A LINEAR PERFORMANCE

Start with a cluster size covering your needs, Grow the cluster size as your needs increase, always getting a linear performance, even for hundreds of nodes. Enjoy linear scale out in all dimensions. Process up to millions of transactions per second. Store up to petabytes. Query up to billions of rows instantly.
Iguazu tech is the result of two decades of research on scalable transactional: an incredible patented technology to endless linear scale-out.
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Companies decision cannot wait for days or hours. Nowadays business requirement changes every instant. Your database should be ready, providing real-time insights as soon as the data get your platform.


Keep it simple

LeanXcale allows using the most straightforward architecture: just one database. No need of ETL, no need for map-reduce, no need for lambda architecture, just LeanXcale.


Same data, same answer

Traditional architectures use different data sources for aggregated and fresh data. As a result, drill-down may be out-of-sync, making your customers lose confidence in your whole solution and KPIs. LeanXcale always provides a coherent 360 grades view.


Add value, do not just copy

Teams spend hours creating, maintaining ETL to duplicate data. With LeanXcale all this is no longer needed, and organizations can use the time to provide real value.


Always linear

The proprietary Iguazu technology grants that can handle from 0 to billions of transactions per second. No matter how your application grows, your database architecture is already ready.


But LeanXcale can do even more:

LeanXcale is much more than HTAP (Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing) database for real-time analytics, it could be used in much more ways:

Discover more usage options and our disruptive technology.

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On the cloud

An out-of-the-box full managed cloud solution ready to handle your workload.


A version ready to run in your own managed server

Fast insertion & fast aggregation at any scale