IoT and related areas such as M2M and smart-* (smart grids, smart cities, etc.) require the ingestion of data at very high rates from any number of devices, even millions of events per second. LeanXcale enables this data ingestion at any rate due to its ability to scale. Additionally, it ingests data with very high efficiency thanks to its key-value interface that enables it to perform at a fraction of the computational cost of SQL databases, while still providing full SQL access to data.

IoT applications are frequently required to perform analytical queries to compute different aggregates that typically require resorting to costly and complex data warehouses. LeanXcales unique ability to compute aggregations in real-time enable the calculation of these aggregates as the raw data is inserted. In this way, aggregation analytical queries becomes costless since they just to read a single row with the corresponding aggregate.


  • Scalability allowing the processing of any number of devices with any event rate

  • The LeanXcale Key-Value interface enables the ingestion of data at low cost.

  • Online aggregations enable the computation of desired aggregations in real-time and make aggregation based analytical queries costless.

  • HTAP capabilities provide the ability to perform any kinds of analytical queries over operational data to attain real-time analytics