LeanXcale is a converged SQL database, Ultra-Scalable capabilities and full ACID


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LeanXcale is a converged SQL database, combining Ultra-Scalable capabilities and full ACID transactional consistency of distributed data. Its innovation is based on a radically new approach to transactional processing enabling it to provide transactional data consistency while scaling out to hundreds of nodes, terabytes of data and millions of transactions per second.

LeanXcale is an HTAP (Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing) database specifically designed to provide enterprise class OLTP while fulfilling the needs of the most demanding OLAP users.

Combining operational and analytical capabilities in one database is the next leap in data management providing real-time analytical queries on important business moments (operational transactions). LeanXcale is frictionless to adopt thanks to being fully ACID and SQL compliant. These capabilities provide increased business flexibility and agility while reducing total cost of ownership.


Use cases

The LeanXcale database can be applied to many use cases across many verticals to solve scalability and performance bottlenecks. The HTAP capabilities inherent in LeanXcale allow enterprises to get and react to real-time insights, while reducing operational costs and at the same time achieving true elasticity and ultra high performance.


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