LeanXcale key-value interface provides the low latency and high performance required by games bearing millions of update transactions per second.

LeanXcale Full ACID consistency avoids glitches and inconsistent views and scales to any number of servers.

Adjust the number of nodes to the number of gamers and deliver the performance they need for the best gaming experience by exercising LeanXcale elasticity.

Find insights about gamers and games exploiting the LeanXcale HTAP capabilities.

Use LeanXcale’s Key-Value interface to rapidly access gamers session information.

Leanxcale Capabilities

  • Key-value interface for low latency, highly performant updates.

  • Full ACID consistency providing always consistent views to gamers.

  • Scalability to any number of gamers.

  • Elasticity for economic use of cloud resources while delivering the best gaming experience.

  • LeanXcales HTAP capabilities enable the discovery of real-time insights about gamers

  • LeanXcale’s Key-Value interface allows the rapid retrieval and presentation of game/gamers sessions state eliminating the need for separate sessions stores