Financial and banking applications require enterprise-grade databases. They require high performance to provide online services, high availability to provide continuous service to their customers and full ACID consistency to guarantee the consistency of the data in the advent of failures and concurrent accesses. In addition to supporting these High Availability, Performance and Consistency needs, LeanXcale supports new needs such as real-time risk assessment that require queries to combine operational and analytical capabilities. LeanXcale also simplifies the enterprise architecture by avoiding costly ETLs between operational databases and data warehouses.

Leanxcale capabilities

  • High performance for the most demanding data ingestion and processing environments
  • Leanxcales high availability characteristics mean it can focus on more high value activities
  • Full acid consistency guarantees that data is always consistent.
  • With leanxcales HTAP capabilities, perform analytics on key operational data without having to resort to a complex and expensive architectures with data warehouses and ETLs