In the last years, a set of new technologies has entirely changed energy industry. Smart-grid, EVs, advances in renewable sources… The number of devices connected to the grid and sending information grows exponentially, generating a huge amount of data that needs to be processed.

LeanXcale combines the high insertion rates of a key-value data store with the simplicity of a SQL manager. Additionally, with its unique capability to scale out thanks to its patented Iguazu algorithm, LeanXcale can process any volume of data effortless.

Leanxcale Capabilities

  • LeanXcale key-value interface delivers the low latency and high performance required to process millions of transactions per second with extreme levels of efficiency.

  • HTAP capabilities provide the ability to perform any kinds of analytical queries over operational data to attain real-time analytics eliminating costly and complex data warehouse and ETL architectures.

  • Scalable full ACID consistency guarantees that data is always consistent.