Retail and eCommerce organizations need to sell to any number of customers. LeanXcale scales transparently to any required level. Its Fully ACID for full consistency guarantees that the data is always consistent.

LeanXcale also provides high availability to never miss a sale due to downtime.

LeanXcale elasticity enables to manage "Black Friday" and other flash sales guaranteeing that the database will never become a bottleneck.

LeanXcale HTAP capability enables the performance of real-time analytics enabling a wide spectrum of modern functionalities such as proximity marketing, real-time marketing and other online analytics to increase sales.


  • Full ACID for always consistent data.

  • Scalability to sell to any number of clients.

  • High availability avoids never missing a sale.

  • Elasticity for "Black Friday" and other ultra-high traffic days.

  • Analytics over operational data for proximity marketing and instant offerings.

  • Enable real-time pricing.


Successful leanxcale use cases on Ecommerce

LeanXcale helps Ikea to have a single inventory for a whole country. ERPs are local to each store and the digital channel. LeanXcale database hosts all the stock changes from all stores and the digital channel to provide a single unified view as the IT system is omnichannel. When an item is not available at a particular store, it can be sold from other stores. Thus, it improves the IKEA customer experience and IKEA revenue. Customers can buy an item even if it is not at the store they are visiting. It is a win-win solution for IKEA and its customers. By providing a way of centralizing the stock, Ikea can perform real-time analytics and becomes an enabler of global analytics across all the country sales, leveraging the optimization of logistics by creating forecasts about the sales, the time items will take to be shipped to a particular location, etc.