Discover LeanXcale’s horizontal use cases


HTAP-Real time analytics

Create services processing analytical queries yielding results while data is getting into your platform. No data copies, no delay, and operational input processing keeps performing great as analytics are being done. Users can get insights or can decide immediately. Real-time analytics allows companies to react promptly. No need to go for complex architectures because the data management layer cannot deal with both workloads.

This uses case is excellent for:

  • Real-time apps, where every second count, such as stock trading, fraud detection, patient health monitoring, machine analysis, etc.
  • Connected data apps, where integrated business data is critical, such as banking, insurance, retail, e-commerce or telco.

Operational data lake

Have a platform equivalent to a data lake in price, but granting transactional consistency and with much faster response time: This means that you will get faster insights from a coherent picture. Avoid your data scientist waiting for full loads to complete or wasting their time creating models, training it and having results over inconsistent views.

This uses case is designed for data lake users and companies that are in a continuous learning process about customers, business processes, and operations: banking, insurance, retail, telco, ad-tech, travel-tech, fast-growing companies, etc.

Massive scalability

Iguazu tech allows LeanXcale to scale horizontally over inexpensive hardware to hundreds of nodes. No matter how your application grows, your database architecture will be ready. Be ready to process up to millions of transactions per second, store up to petabytes or query up to billions of rows instantly.

Verticals, where use still mainframe, can have all the benefit from this use case: Banking, Insurance, Telco, Healthcare, Government, Aviation and Retail.

Database for aggregations

LeanXcale's SCC (Semantic Concurrency Control) allows on-line aggregations over parallel updating operations avoiding any kind of conflict. You can compute aggregations at the same time you are receiving the operational data. Then, analytics based on aggregations can be reduced to a simple GET. Reduce development time, simplify maintenance and speed up your application with zero cost.

This is ideal for monitoring tools, dev-ops or solutions.


LeanXcale can handle operational data over an endless number of nodes and with an impressive performance per core. All these make an excellent choice to manage your transactional workload.

This use case is optimal for projects that can grow in the future and wants to be born ready for any scale.

Time-series database 

LeanXcale always handles in memory row whose primary key is a timestamp or an autoincrement, speeding up its response time. Additionally, LeanXcale can manage aggregations operations in parallel in the update queries with no conflicts. LeanXcale grants transactionality in parallel queries at any scale. All these make ultimately LeanXcale the best option as data series database.

Brokers, dev-ops or industrial telemetry are some solutions that can take advantage of this use case.

Polyglot layer

View and join information among all databases portfolio. LeanXcale can query MongoDB, HBase, Neo4J and your RDBMS in their native API in a single view combining the information to create a single resultset. Develop fast and safer getting the most of each datastores you are using.

It's the best option for companies that need to simplify their stacks and break the silos progressively.

Distributed and resilient database

LeanXcale data storage can move data fragments without disrupting the QoS of the transactions accessing them. This capacity allows transparent data replication, load balancing, elasticity, and resilience without any impact on performance and consistency.

This is a perfect solution for follow-the-sun support or multinationals running operations in several continents.

Fast KV insertion and SQL search database

One database, two interfaces: Simple and rich SQL queries and ultra fast relational key value interface on the same data with a single consistent view of it all.

IoT, telco, gaming, ad and travel tech companies can get the best value for this use case that fits with their bread-and-butter needs.

NoSql Key Value database

Create an application with a high insertion rate easily.Leverage the ultra-efficiency of the relational key-value interface to ingest semistructured data. This API allows large data rates inexpensively or perform simple queries, always entirely ACID.

This functionality is perfect for events, audit logs or clicks tracking.

Versatile database

Current projects use more and more complex database stacks.
A lot of wasted time choosing the right option for each data management layer and learning how to use it. The more complex stack the much more complex to pivot or evolve. LeanXcale allows a single database that covers all the data management stack, from in-memory to big data queries.

This use case is designed primarily for startups and scale-ups that have a rapid evolution.

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